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Merry Holidays and Happy 2023!

I've taken another dip into the rough waters of animation to celebrate 2022, the year I quit work and started Becky Bruhn Videography.

You may remember my previous animation post, when I wrestled with an eyelid? Dark days, my friend. But, I've been practicing, my confidence has swelled, and so I made you this holiday card.

The animation does get a little out of hand. Those digital images are as slippery as an eel! And don't get me started on the sound issues I couldn't fully resolve. (There is an unhelpful man in an Apple Motion Facebook group who belongs on Santa's naughty list!)

But that's not the holiday spirit, is it? No!

So, please enjoy my little send-off to 2022. Best wishes on our successes in 2023, whatever they may be. (I've still got my sights on that eyelid.)

And see you in the New Year!

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