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Shooting Bagels

Have you heard? Capitol Hill is ground zero for the current Seattle bagel rebirth. There are (at least) three bagel shops thriving on the hill.

We haven't seen this since the great bagel boom of the 1990's!

Alerted by a bagel tip-off from my son, and with Bon Appetit's Alex Delany as inspiration, I set off to assemble a crackerjack bagel team and investigate the rumors.

CAPITOL HILL BAGELS: Becky & Nick Investigate (click image to view)

My friend Nick and I spent a glorious October Sunday visiting three bagel shops on Capitol Hill, eating bagels and cream cheese (including a pumperthing), and giving our opinions. (6:27)

BAGELS: the vlog (click image to view)

The bagel vlog includes behind-the-scenes footage, acknowledgements to the great auteurs of our time, and lessons learned. (4:52)

Since becoming a videographer, I see video ideas everywhere. I can't capture them all but when the idea involves bagels, I have to grab on!

Eltana, Westman's, Rubinstein's - a delicious Capitol Hill Bagel trio!

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