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Videos on the Verge

Updated: May 17, 2022

I made three videos this month. That's right, three! A brand video (my first paid gig), a stop-motion video (butternut squash & Mr. Bear), and a horror movie-style trailer.

What, is she going pro?

I'm trying to resist the urge to make a proclamation here, but I'm believe I'm being "called" for the fifth and possibly final time in my life. A "calling." What does that even mean?

I think a calling is when we take risks and make sacrifices to achieve something beyond our reach, something outside of what we consider our sphere.

Could anything be further outside of my sphere than videography, a field dominated by youth, testosterone, shiny tech, and lightning speed?

But I digress.

My point is that a summons to make videos has arrived on my doorstep and you are witnessing my commencement.

Stop Motion Vegetables

I wanted to make another vegetable video but Mr. Bear said they needed more excitement. More tension. So, I created a stop motion video and, unfortunately for Mr. Bear, he stood a little too close to the edge of the frame.

A Brand Video

Katy Roberts wanted a brand video that highlighted her thoughtful approach to real estate. A mutual friend recommended me and off we went. I love to help tell a story of passion and talent and success. Who wouldn't?

Cameo appearances by my neighbor cat, Jellybean.


The condo building where I live is over a hundred years old and, every once in a while, I can feel the rich history, the "ghosts," you might say. They aren't scary to me but a little hand-held camera action and some slasher music and you've got a horror movie trailer.

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