• Becky Bruhn

Welcome to my video lab!

Updated: May 24

It's nice to see you here!

What will I do today?

Make a video of bread shaped like Captain Kirk?

Or a video of teenagers going for their black belts?

Or a vlog about boom mics?

No matter what I do, it will be with Videography.

Because Videography and I have moved in together and it's going well.

I brought storytelling and some video editing know-how into the relationship. Videography brought the amazing world of cameras, audio capture, and visual language. Match made in heaven.

Hold on, I just got an email.

Hey! That picture is from right outside my door!

Always a new videography accessory arriving.

(Videography means never having to say you're sorry.)

If you'd like to play along...

Do you like Videography? Do you have an idea for a video project? Or do you just like to watch videos?

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