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Arson of Crows

a film

Arson of Crows is a spoken-word-essay and one-man monologue that chronicles the complicated path of beloved Seattle playwright Scot Augustson as he loses his first husband to addiction. 

The story

Written during the pandemic and performed in Seattle, Arson of Crows earned warm praise from audiences. It has “incredible wit, humor and sheer verbal brilliance accompanied by superb comic timing.”

Arson of Crows, a film, combines the intimacy of the theater performance with visual storytelling to capture Scot’s openhearted, literate, and surprisingly funny account. 

The film features Scot’s handmade quilts, created during and since his husband’s death. Each quilt was inspired by a different moment in his story. 


The sheer number of lives lost to addiction is almost impossible to comprehend.

Through his deeply human story, Scot offers us a perspective on that loss while at the same time embracing the joy of living. 


Arson of Crows quilt

I have taken the metaphor of the Arson of Crows and paradoxically made a very literal picture. These little log cabin blocks, half in black for the crows, half red & orange for the flames. The birds and their fire converge on this unsuspecting cottage. No good can come of this!

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