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"Because of her background in development, she was incredibly helpful in shaping the right message for our video. She is a powerful person to have in your corner to help you explain your 'why.'" -- Sachia Powell and Susun Livingston, Powell-Drescher Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation   

"Becky is a natural storyteller. She has a creative + strategic mind that allows her to see a vision of who you are, what you are wanting to convey, and how to bring that to life in video." -- Cindy Haba, Momentum Coaching

"Becky was awesome 'on set' and helped create the content that I envisioned and then some! I’ve already received client calls and referrals from people who saw my video and felt connected to me." -- Katy Roberts, Real Estate Agent

"With professionalism, humor, and ease, Becky uses her unique perspective to craft a narrative you likely never knew you needed but always wanted." -- Two Pollard Design

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