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When the Client Loves Dogs

I am warned before my first visit to the client: “There are dogs.”


And there sure are.


Dogs come out from everywhere to greet me - from the garage bays, from the office, from behind the building, eager to be friendly and very curious about what I might have in my pockets.

Dogs coming out to greet me

Dogs are part of the culture of this company. They unify the team. On Fridays, the day all the dogs clock in, there are more dogs than humans at the staff meeting.

So when the new tagline needs a little jeuje, a little fun, who else would we turn to but an animated dog?

The dog animation is a detail that can be added to videos like this one, barking at the tagline, sitting at attention, and reflecting a general appreciation for dogs.

How I made the dog animation:

Rotoscoping: tracing over live action footage to create an animation.

I purchased a video clip of the dog through my stock image subscription.

In a video editing program, I took a screenshot of every third frame of the clip, a total of 25 images.

I cropped and numbered each image.

I removed backgrounds and turned the images into silhouettes using Photoshop and Illustrator.

In animation software, I lined up the images and timed them into an animation.

Back in the editing software, I put the dog animation into the tagline sequence and added the dog’s bark.


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