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A Young Content Creator Reacts to Phil Collins

"Do you remember? Well I remember, don't worry."

In 1981, my friends and I were blown away by a new song by the drummer from Genesis, Phil Collins. It was called "In the Air Tonight" and it had a drum explosion like I had never heard before.

I still love listening to that song and I still love hearing those drums.

All these many years later, I ran across a reaction video by a young content creator named Polo Reacts - and it was like hearing the song again for the first time. I wanted to share that experience with friends, so I made a video where I react to Polo Reacts reaction!

Go visit Polo Reacts on YouTube: @poloreacts27  He has large library of video reactions - you will almost certainly find a favorite or two. And it's great fun!

YouTube is a vast and beautiful place. But it can sometimes feel like so much sand on the beach. When we find treasure, it makes sense to share. So, if you have a channel you'd like to share with me, please do!

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