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Crossing the threshold

In The Hero's Journey*, the hero(ine) leaves home and crosses the First Threshold, venturing into unfamiliar territory. Exotic strangers and bewitching events remind us how ill-prepared the hero(ine) may be for the journey.

"It's Blackmagic" [pocket cinema camera]

So, anyway, where was I?

Did I mention that I quit my job and launched a videography business? Well, I did. So, I'm in the Year of Saying "Yes!" to Many New Things.

This is full commitment, no turning back.

Mere hours after I'd surrendered my key-card and walked out the front door of my former employer's office, I had a gig videotaping a live performance of The Letterkenny Talent Show & Adult Spelling Bee.

The job involved a tres cool camera rental, a second cameraman, something called a CFast card, and an editing program I'd only heard of in legends.

The video of the full show is more than an hour but I'm including here a 4-minute sampler video. It's a little raunchy. You've been warned.

The second video here is a 1-minute introduction to brand videos and is, kinda, my portfolio to date.

Mr. Bear is disappointed he's not included in it.

Letterkenny Talent Show & Adult Spelling Bee

Letterkenny is a comedy in its 10th season on Hulu. It's been called a love letter to rural Canada. This burlesque flavored show is a love letter to Letterkenny, putting all its quirky characters in a talent competition.

What is a Brand Video?

Brand videos don't sell a specific product or service, they're not advertisements, nor are they simply logos, fonts, and colors. Then what are they?

*The Hero's Journey

Many of our favorite stories, back as far as ancient myths, follow a storytelling framework referred to as The Hero's Journey. Star Wars (famously and intentionally) stuck closely to it. Luke crosses the First Threshold when he enters the Cantina with Obi Wan and inadvertently offends a pig-faced alien.

And after crossing the threshold? A reluctant hero often wants to return to the old life. In Romancing the Stone, Kathleen Turner offers Michael Douglas all her cash to get her back to where she started, but the rain-drenched road gives way under her feet and she plunges down, deep into the jungle. And the adventure really begins.

"Is this the bus to Cartagena?"

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