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Fairy Garden Cheesecake during a bomb cyclone

Seattle is raining. It's drizzling, sprinkling, down pouring, precipitating, misting, and soaking wet.

Twee turns sinister

There's something out there called a Bomb Cyclone that is hanging in the sky over Seattle, basically turning air into water.

The thing you should never attempt during a Bomb Cyclone? Making an isomalt dome.

The thing I attempted during the Bomb Cyclone? Making an isomalt dome.

Catastrophe ensued. It's all on video here.

And here...

(You can see in the image, the isomalt dome is melting into thick air.)

Inspired by mushroom foraging

The whole idea of a fairy garden cheesecake was inspired by a trip into the foothills of the Cascade Mountains to forage chanterelle mushrooms. Mushroom hunting is brand new to me and the quiet, mossy forest felt otherworldly, especially when we found these rare and weird lobster mushrooms.

Lobster mushrooms are actually other mushrooms that have been taken over by a parasite fungus which turns them this brilliant color and nearly completely replaces the host DNA, so that even previously poisonous mushrooms are safe to eat.

Do cats like tuna cakes?

This video was shot on National Cat Day. My hypothesis was that the neighbor cats would turn up their noses at baked tuna cakes. I was half right.

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