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Jane Austen's Persuasion 1995 v. 2007 v. 2022

The 2022 adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Persuasion caused an uproar. "Fleabag meets Bridgerton meets Jane Austen!" Blasphemy!

And it is a cheeky retelling - shocking, funny, and a little impolite.

But to be fair, Anne Elliot is a difficult heroine to portray on film. Unlike Elizabeth Bennet or Emma Woodhouse who are continually talking and doing, Anne is quiet, introverted, and ignored.

In this video, I indulge in a deep dive with three versions of Persuasion: the cheeky 2022 version and the 1995 and 2007 adaptations. There is so much to learn by comparing scenes back-to-back asking "who told it best?"

The topic and my method required a longer video than usual. Depending on your appetite for exploring Jane Austen, you'll either skip this one or this could be the best video journey we've ever gone on together! [13:37]

What about the podcast I refer to? It's right here:

My Cousin Jane Podcast

What is an apothecary? How important is a baronet? How does a Navy Captain earn a fortune? This podcast answers every question about Jane Austen's world.

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