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Short Video: the allure of brief

How long will I give you before I scroll past your video? This is a central question to videographers.

The rule of thumb used to be three seconds. We make up our minds within three seconds whether to watch or not watch, a brutally short period of time

But now they're saying it's actually five frames. Five frames. Five frames for a standard video amounts to about a fifth of a second.

Yes, we are talking about the TikTokian Universe which is famously unforgiving. But still, it is a mind bogglingly brief period of time.

Last month, I dipped my toe into the super short video world to try to figure out what it all means. I bring you my observations in this video.

Why are short videos so fascinating?

Can they be used to tell a story?

And can the communal language of the super short video speak of bratwurst corpses, distant baking competitions, and vacuum cleaner mice?


Find me on TikTok @beckybruhn and Instagram @raisinpocket

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