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Taking baking on the road... to Anchorage

Updated: May 17, 2022

A Year of Baking Dangerously, my year-long baking video series, hit the road in October!

Dinner interrupted

I had planned to fly to Anchorage on Monday to make a Baked Alaska video at my sister's house. But she called on Saturday to say the Aurora Borealis was expected and I should head up immediately if I wanted to see it.

I definitely did want to see it but I was in the middle of dinner with my friend, Marianne, and I hated to drop my fork and leave her. So, I grabbed her and we both went.

Dinner : dishes : pack bags : trolley to light rail : light rail to airport : Seattle to Anchorage

Baked Alaska in Alaska

The video of the Baked Alaska and our trip to Anchorage is here.

and here...

That's Marianne sitting on a wooden moose that is partially sunk into a playground.

Behind the scenes

Two things were left out of the video.

  1. After all of her spontaneity and going-along-ness, Marianne didn't get to see the Northern Lights or eat Baked Alaska. She had to be back to work and couldn't stay the entire time.

  2. The Baked Alaska was meant to be Northern Lights-themed. The gelatinous chocolate that some may remember from the 1970s as Knox Blox, was mean to be a tree line. This photo shows a solo chocolate tree trying to carry out the design vision.

Plus, someone won a blue ribbon at the state fair!

That someone is me!

Last month, my sourdough bread prowess took first place at the Washington State Fair. 'Twas a pretty loaf.

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