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The Glories of Pride & Prejudice Adaptations

I am a big Jane Austen fan.

I am also a videographer/animator who loves the visual storytelling of movies.

Hence, adaptations of Jane Austen novels are my candy, my sweet spot. And there are many of us out in the YouTube world! It's a real pleasure to be in conversation with "my people."

But I've noticed that we don't all agree. (Go figure!) Some of us don't like to have the original text tampered with. Others of us like to experience a completely original take on the story.

Opinions are strong and they run deep!

I decided to make this video to explain why I like Jane Austen adaptations - why I give them room to explore - why I appreciate a cinematic approach to Jane Austen's work.

(There are exceptions to my tolerance. We won't discuss them here.)

Is it just about time for another adaptation to be released? I think maybe!

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