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Three Rules from the Editing Room

Almost every lesson I've learned in videography has been in the editing room. There is nothing quite like the gut-punch you get when you realize you didn't capture that specific moment, the audio, that sequence you really needed to tell the story.

This has led me to create for myself certain rules - I call them the Rules of Videography.

And I made a five-minute video about them.

I assume several things about my list of rules:

  1. Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, and Christopher Guest have their own set pinned to their refrigerators.

  2. There is another set of rules learned OUTSIDE of the editing room, something about fully charging batteries and having spare video cards.

  3. Some night my cats will succeed in re-editing my videos from a feline point of view. (Baking videos? Meow! Karate videos? Neow!)

Do you have a list of rules? Do share!

And best wishes in your videography journey.

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