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I Hate Salad

This is where I would usually pop in a little narrative about my latest baking video. But, my friend, those days are over. The series has ended. I've gained an undisclosed amount of weight. I'm putting aside the butter and sugar and white flour and redirecting efforts.

"It is time for total truth between us"*

Well, maybe not total truth, but surely we can tell each other this, these are damn dark days. I am sometimes painted a deep, midnight blue, emotionally and spiritually. I'm guessing it's the same for you - the reality of living through the accursed "interesting times."

You know what we need? A big communal hug, come on, get in here, right here, everyone, feel the love, feel the warmth.

You know the other thing we need? Vegetables. Good nutrient-rich, fiber-rich Brussels sprouts.

I know it ain't buttercream but this recipe for Ethiopian-spiced Brussels sprouts with peanuts and pomegranate seeds is warm and comforting. And really quite spicy!

*The quote is, of course, Lt. Slavic from Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock. The full quote: "It is time for total truth between us. This planet is not what you intended or hoped for, is it?"

*And no, Saavik, it's not.

Boring Room Challenge

A clever YouTuber came up with a fun video challenge: create a one-minute video story in one room, presumably a boring one, with available light. This is my second iteration of the exercise.

I find that the video editing is where my heart is, but this exercise makes you think about the whole process from beginning to end. My nephew, Nathan, graciously agreed to be the man in the boring room, waiting, and brought some natural skill to it.

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