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Old Colony Gingerbread House

Last year, I had a crazy-good idea to make a gingerbread house that looked like Old Colony Condominiums, a stately, brick building from 1909. (Yeah, let's make it out of cookies!)

I created a template, rolled out the gingerbread, and made a comically misshapen wall. (When it's time to make a gingerbread Tower of London, I got it.)

I had thoughts about how to fix it but then I got sick and went into the hospital. The idea was dropped but not forgotten.

Do-overs a year later

When I started A Year of Baking Dangerously, it was a given the Old Colony gingerbread house would be one of my projects - the one tangible, solid project that I'd already completed in my mind.

Of course, in my mind and in reality are not the same thing.

I was knee-deep in gingerbread last week when a neighbor came to borrow a cookie cutter. I had Jolly Rancher splinters on the bottom of my slippers and brown goo under my nails. I was running out of dough, I'd just burnt the gingerbread front door, and the reek of molasses was stinging my sinuses.

"It smells good in there," she said.

I handed her the cookie cutter. "I hate everyone!"

This gingerbread video is the twelfth and final installment of A Year of Baking Dangerously, a series that has been, like the gingerbread house, seriously fun and remarkable difficult.

Ready! Set! Trivia! The Great British Bake Off trivia game

GBBO (aka the Great British Baking Show) is one of the best things on television. Sure, you've watched it, you've enjoyed it, but do you know it? Let's find out, shall we?

Answers in the comments.

  1. Name the one host/judge who has been in every season of GBBO.

  2. What is the name of the citrus-flavored cake that has a mandatory crack in the top?

  3. Which of these countries has been featured as the theme of an episode? (choose all that apply) Japan, Germany, India, Denmark, Sweden

  4. Of the 12 seasons of GBBO so far, how many have been released in the United States?

  5. What are the three main elements of a Bakewell tart?

  6. What is the American term for Pontefract cakes?

  7. Which one of these is not a British dessert: Spotted Dick, Frog in the Bog, Eton mess, Cream Horn, Fly Pie, Jammy Dodger?

  8. What does "enriched" dough have in it?

  9. 90% of the time, what is the theme of the season's first episode?

  10. What is the main ingredient in pavlova?

  11. If your chocolate is shiny, breaks with a snap, and doesn't melt in your hand, what have you successfully done to it?

  12. In the judging of the Technical Challenge, where do the contestants put their bakes?

  13. What percentage of the seasons have been won by a female?

  14. Who is the only baker, as of December 3, 2021, to have died?

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